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17″H x 15″W x 8″D
Limited Edition of 30

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During  “round up” in rough, rugged country filled with an overgrowth of brush and cactus, cowboys often can’t find several head of the ranch’s cattle. No matter how hard they work and searched the first time, they have to come back and ride through that same area again, looking for the remnants they know are still unbranded.  To the ranch owners these missed cattle amount to money lost, so the must see to it that all the stock is accounted for and branded.  Cowboys must learn early and well, how to track this lost stock; and having a good cattle dog is an important asset and mades a great working partner.  This cowboy has weathered a small storm, and is riding out with his partner, knowing that the still wet ground will make tracking the missing cattle easier to be, “Lookin’ for Sign”.