The Mission: To authentically preserve and perpetuate the culture of western life in fine art...



16″H x 15″W x 6″D
Limited Edition of 30

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American cowboys live and work by a certain set of rules and a code of ethics.  You give honor to your God, your family, your nation, and your job. You do these things by being honest, hard working, polite around women and children and ALWAYS keeping your promise, because your word is your bond, and that is the measure of every man.    You never ride your horse near the cook or his chuck wagon.  When you ride out on the day’s works, you never ride in front of the boss, because respect is a principle of the code.  When working cattle, you never ride in front of another cowhand, and you pull your horse up to ride behind him.  When you hire onto an outfit you owe them a good day’s work for a fair day’s pay, with loyalty to the boss and the ranch.  Your code of ethics is their’s, and you care for their cattle as if they were your own.  As long as you work for this outfit and boss, you are their man: you are “ridin’ for the brand”.