The Mission: To authentically preserve and perpetuate the culture of western life in fine art...


15″H x 19″Wx 15″D
Limited Edition of 30



Bill has always been fascinated by the interaction and relationship between people and horses. As a young boy on the Long Meadow Ranch near Prescott, Bill often watched his father raise and train horses for the many tasks needed. Bill also takes his horses on hunting trips, riding with his dad or his kids, team roping with friends or out to ranches for roundup and branding times.  On those occations many humorous events have taken place and here we see Bill tell one of those stories.  A cowboy ready for a day’s work is in the process of saddling up, however, this horse has a different idea.  At this time he is surely shouting unprintable epithets as his mount is “HORSIN’ AROUND”.