The Mission: To authentically preserve and perpetuate the culture of western life in fine art...


11″W x 24″H



Bill has always enjoyed movies, especially good westerns, and those based on history are even the better! When he saw “TOMBSTONE” for the first time, he was captivated by the powerful portrayals done of these famous and infamous historic Western figures. Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday and the Clanton brothers all fascinated and inspired him to sculpt his own interpretation of these almost mythical figures. Also being a part of Arizona’s colorful western lore, was even more reason to sculpt them. Here we are brought into the instant of standoff just before the gunfight begins. The cold boldness, arrogance of skill, and slight tinge of trepidation are seen in the face and attitude of Doc Holiday as he gives the invitation to commence the life and death melodrama his life encompassed so well.