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19″H x 18″L
Limited Edition of 30

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Whether Bill is team roping with his cowboy friends, hunting with his son, or on a trail through the Ponderosa pines around his home with his dad, he finds true enjoyment on his horse. A scene came into Bill’s mind as he remembered his dad training horses on their farm. This cowboy is training a young colt. The connection between man and animal can be seen by the attentiveness of the horse’s hears, trying to sense whatever the trainer is about to require of him. The cowboy’s hands are instructing the horse with a light touch upon the reins, as the colt responds to the slightest change in that pressure. A snaffle bit is being used in this training technique, as it is easy on the young colt’s mouth and won’t make it tough or too hard to respond.The lines of communications are silent, but well understood.