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42″H x 24″W x 16″D

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The U.S. Cavalry was one of the most important aspects of American history, in the development of this nation. From the terrible years of the Civil War, through the long and bloody Indian Wars in the West, these men left their families and homes, and went wherever their government sent them to bring security to its citizens. If they were on guard duty at the fort, riding reconnaissance to determine the safest trail ahead, or fighting a battle to secure the United States of America boarders, they were without the comfort of family for long periods of time. In those years before today’s’ means of instant global communication, the men of the U.S. Cavalry treasured the rarely received letters from home. The hearts of soldiers were no different in the long forgotten past, than they are today, as our soldiers in for distant lands wait patiently for the letters from family and friends as the are LONGING FOR HOME.