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25″H x 12″W x 9″D
Limited Edition of 30

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Bill has many friends who run cattle ranches close to Prescott, and he works for them during gathering and branding times.  The calf count is always very important and can be the difference between a successful year, and some hard decisions.  Cattle ranchers have always kept track of their new calves, mother cows, steers and bulls, and the today’s cowboys still count the herd to know whether his family will be able to live the heritage and long held traditions of the previous generations.   Without a good calf crop each spring, due to drought, disease, predators, or even if the market price of beef drops because of some unforeseen world situation, the rancher’s entire value system and heritage can be at stake. The modern rancher/businessman has lots on his mind when he is standing by the corral looking over his herd and “Tallyin’ His Stock Market”. The American cowboy is a valuable part of our country’s future because of the ethics, values and heritage his lifestyle displays to the modern culture, not just because of the beef produced for all of us.