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19″H x 50 “W x 11 “D
Limited Edition of 30

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  “Horses, cowboys, horses!” is the shout heard above the sound  of thunder coming from running horses shaking the ground, as the remuda, (saddle horses ridden by ranch hands working cattle) is brought into camp before dawn.  Saddles are picked up and coffee cups emptied as cowboys call out the name of the horse they want to ride for the days works. The boss begins throwing long hoolihan loops over each horse wanted, then the cowboy saddles up.   On large ranches there used to be a Wrangler who was the cowboy responsible for as many as 500 horses in a remuda.  Bill has been privileged to experience this breathtaking cowboy tradition on some of the greatest historic ranches across the west with other members of the Cowboy Artists of America. Visions of pre-dawn mornings with pink skies in the east fading into a bright blue, as the ground rumbles like an earthquake of the galloping Remuda.