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26″H x 16″W x 14″D
Limited Edition of 30

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America and Cowboy; the words are synonymous! The cowboy became THE worldwide symbol of America when he began fulfilling the need for beef to large Eastern and European cities.  After the Civil War, the westward move of displaced farmers and settlers quickly expanded, as vast tracks of land opened for homesteads.  As the men came West to pursue their dreams of work, land and freedom, many were willing to do the lonely and difficult job of herding thousands of cattle hundreds of miles north to the rail heads, to make those dreams come true.  As these cowboys began buying land and building cattle ranches, develop their homes and communities, and transferring those lands to their children and grandchildren, their gratitude for the freedoms, blessings and heritage available to them by being an American, grew and strengthened.  Here we see an American cowboy overlooking in awe the grandeur of his ranch, as he remembers the generations before him who worked the land and cattle which helped build this beloved nation, as he gives thanks to the Good Lord, and ponders; The Wonder of it ALL.