The Mission: To authentically preserve and perpetuate the culture of western life in fine art...




“Three Amigos”


Bill Nebeker

18”H x 18”W x 8”D


There is an old saying, “A good dog is worth three cowboys, and a bad dog is like losing a whole crew of cowboys.”  Some ranches don’t allow dogs at all, but Bill feels that a good, well trained one is a wonder to watch.  Rough country outfits use dogs to find and hold cattle that try to get away during gatherings.  Open country ranches use other breeds of dogs to herd their cattle.

A cowboy with a good dog can get a lot of work done. Not every horse will allow a dog to hitch a ride – it takes some training and getting used to.   This cowboy needs to cover a large amount of rough country and is giving one Amigo a ride on his other Amigo.