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32″H x26″W x 18″D
Limited Edition of 30

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In modern day ranching you won’t find many old rank horse.   Ranchers take more time developing horse herds, or buying new stock from outfits that are known for breeding great horses.  “Breaking” horses has taken on the look of, “the horse whisperer”,  and isn’t usually done the old time, hard way of riding a new green colt until all the fight was “broke” out of him.  Back in the ’30’s, 40’s and 50’s – it was a very different story!  There were ranches that had wide reputations for having “rank”, spoiled horse that cowboys were expected to ride.  One of those cattle ranches was the, 3V’s in Northern Arizona.  It extended from the Nevada border, near Kingman, AZ to Williams, AZ near Flagstaff.   Horses that had names such as, “Scorpion”, “Skunk Trail”, “Brown Hog”, and “Black Jack”.  That ranch was broken up years ago, and the remainder of it is known as the Diamond A’s.   Every cowboy had at least one of those horses in his saddle string, and this cowpuncher has drawn a downright  Rowdy, Rough & Rank one.