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29″H x 13″W
Limited Edition

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When White men first came into the frontier, the Indians’ bow and arrow was a formidable weapon against the slow, heavy and cumbersome muzzle loading rifle. Warriors were such accurate shots with the bow and arrow, that they were often deadlier than the rifles. Muzzle loaders were soon replaced by the single shot and later on, repeater rifles, such as the Spencer’s, Henry’s, and Winchester’s.   It was soon evident the era of bow and arrow was ending.  Here we see a Plains Indian taking possession of his first Winchester Yellow Boy. With great excitement and anticipation he shouts to the Winds that his victory over the White man is near! As his grip on the old bow and arrows is loosening, he clutches the rifle with the firm hope of a new day for his people. How ironic this scene is. A moment in a time long past, when this Indian believes his victorious triumph is at hand, we in the present day sadly know his culture, as he has always known it, is about to die. THE DEATH OF THE BOW is a symbol of a much larger death. One we all continue to feel a loss from.