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14″ H x 16″W x 8″D
Limited Edition of 25

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The Kwahdi Comanche were the most isolated of the five bands of Comanche, living on the Llano Estacado, or Staked Plains of Texas. It was a land of treeless high tablelands, bordered by steep escarpments near the Pecos River Valley.  These warriors were so fierce that they kept this enormous area totally to themselves for over 150 years.  They defeated all other Indian tribes, the Mexicans raiding parties who came over the border to conquer this land, and the U.S. Cavalry who were trying to protect the white settlers. Bill is giving tribute to these amazing horsemen, the Kwahadi Comanche.  they were determined to protect and keep their lands and way of life.  They were known as the “Comanchu”, by the Ute Indians, which meant, “Those who always want to fight.” Their lightning speed on horseback, and absolute accuracy with bow and arrow, allowed them to capture as many as 1000 horses on each raid, and ruling their 10,000 square miles of territory.