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In Grandmother’s Tradition


15″H x 13″W x 16″D
Limited edition of 30

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The Pueblo potters have dug and gathered clay from the earth to create their pots, bowls and jars for an untold number of generations.  Bill’s inspiration for this sculpture comes from having a life-long interest in Native cultures, and his father’s excellent collection of ancient pots and bowls.  Having a Native Museum in his hometown gave him a great source for research.   Upon these unique handcrafted pots are painted strikingly beautiful geometric patterns, rainbows, clouds, birds, dragonflies and animals, which seem to be imbued with all the sacred significance so intertwined into every aspect of Pueblo culture.  Often the designs and backgrounds are blurred to suggest the intimate connection between the earth and her people.  This art has been passed down from generation to generation, and we watch a Pueblo woman paint her masterpiece In Grandmother’s Tradition.