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20″H x 9″W x 16″D
Limited Edition of 30

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Treks into American’s frontier in the 18th century were accomplished by explorers, called Trail Blazers.  The second wave of explorers was led by a tough assortment of fur trappers, called Mountain Men, who scoured the Rocky Mountains in search of beaver pelts and other valuable furs. They tangled with wolves, grizzlies, hostile environments and unfriendly natives.  They survived, discovered remote villages, lakes of salt, geysers and established trails through the wilderness which helped provide roads for future settlers who established towns.  I wanted to capture this moment in history of one Mountain Man, with his Hawkins rifle, and a pack of green beaver pelts, while trudging through the deep drifts in his home-made snowshoes, while “Runnin’ the Trap Line”