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27″H x 45″W x 16″D
Limited Edition of 30

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There is a unique breed of cowboy who contract out to ranches for the special job of gathering wild cattle, which had been missed during earlier roundups. These men are great cowpuncher, and  their independent determination is legendary. Bill has always had a great respect and admiration for their ability to find and rope these wild cattle, while on the chase through hot, rugged country.

   In this piece Bill has created a snapshot of intense, determination on each character involved in the drama.The cowboy and his horse are making a run over rocks and brush to catch the wild   cow and her calf.  His look is made and he knows if he ropes the mama cow, the bull calf will not go far. That will make it easier to rope and drag him to the fire for branding. The cattle are running as fast as they can to escape, as they often show by their tails being raised and curled in the air. In this fast moving split second scene, they are High Tailin’ It with every hot breath.