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19″H x 22″W x 8″D
Limited Edition of 30

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For ranchers, settler and Native Americans, hunting has always been an intrinsic aspect of daily life, sustenance and the development of self-reliance.  In cabins, tepees and hogans alike, elk, antelope and deer meat were staples.  As the fall and winter arrives in today’s modern world, many cattle outfits, and Indian Reservations offer cowboys or tribal members as hunting guides, to organize and lead hunting expeditions, which creates optional sources of income.  Also, parts of the meat harvested from the hunt is used by families of ranch hands or the members of the tribe.  The hunting also keeps wildlife, range land and populations in balance.  Here Bill portrays one cowboy coming home from a hunting trip, and as Robert Louis Stevenson says it beautifully in one of his poem,

“Home is the hunter, home from the hills”.