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Well Heeled


7″H x 6″W x 6″D
Limited Edition of 50

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Cowboys are famous for the clothes they wear, as much as for the horses they ride or the cattle they rope and brand. Their Wraglers or Levi jeans, long sleeved western shirts, high crowned and large brimmed Resistol hats, and the custom made high heeled leather boots, are not just clothes, but a strong statement of who he is and how much his life’s work means to him. Living out on the open ranchlands builds their independence and strong character. A real cowboy works extremely hard for the small amount of money he makes and the room and he is provided. It will probably take almost a year for him to save enough money to have a custom pair of well heeled dress boots made, which he will use on the few Satruday nights he gets to town for the dance at the rural schoolhouse.