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27″H x 20″W x 11″D
Limited Edition of 30

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Newborn calves have a hard time traveling long distances when the herd is being rounded up and moved to the branding pens, especially when the outfit is working in terrain that is rocky, rough and cactus filled, like the high deserts and rugged Rim Rocks of Arizona. Those circumstances can really make it difficult and dangerous for the little new ones trying to keep up with their mother cows.  Bill regularly goes on the spring or fall gathering on his friends’ ranches to work the cattle, rope and brand calves and get them ready for shipping. Here we watch as one of the cowpunchers picks up a very small calf, puts it across his lap on the saddle and rides for hours through a rainstorm, out of a steep canyon and over the rocky Rim Rock to rescue and reunite the little guy with its mamma.  Every calf is valuable and worth the extra time and effort to save it.