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Double Trouble


29″H x 27″W x 16″D
Limited Edition of 30

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One of my sculptures is, “Double Trouble”, depicting a special breed of cowboy who I admire greatly, leading in a wild, Renegade steer with a Maverick cow necked-up (tied) to the steer.  A Maverick cow is one which has not ever been caught or branded.   A Renegade steer has a brand and ear marks (cuts), meaning he was caught at one time but eluded capture for many years, growing wild and very large.   I wanted to tell the story of these individuals, many of who I know personally, who have the special skills to capture, by whatever method available, these wild bovines that roam the rugged mountains and brush country of the Southwest.  George Phippen, one of the Four Founding members of the CAA, who most inspired me to sculpt, described the work these cowboys do as, “No Life for the Easily Bruised”.