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Uncharted Waters


16″H x 23″W x 12″D
Limited Edition of 30

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Into the wilds of the early frontier in the American West, came a rag-tag assortment of brave and hardy loners, who called themselves, “Mountain Men”.  They traveled the Rocky Mountains in search of adventure and beaver to trap in these new lands.

Some were taken into Native American tribes as, “blood brothers,” and in turn made deals for wives to travel and work along-side them.  Belonging to a tribe offered a certain amount of safety and prestige.  Together they traveled new trails and waterways, always searching for better trapping.

In this sculpture you find one of these Mountain Men and his Native wife, who is pointing out to him another unexpected challenge, as they explore for new beaver trapping areas, and obviously fight the rapids and rocks of these Uncharted Waters in unknown lands.