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21″H X 13″W X 8″D
Limited edition of 30

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War between the United States and the Apache Nation began in 1861 with Cochise and the Chiricahuas, & ended 25 years later in 1886 with Geronimo. When Apaches broke out of the reservations & began raiding settlers and ranchers, they were called Renegades.  They traveled continually, never staying in one place very long.  From the time they were young boys, in order to become a warrior, they had to run long distances without food or water.  Some stories tell of Apaches running 70 miles in one day over very rough and hot terrain.  Bill has chosen to depict this warrior carrying a ’73 Winchester rifle, a Colt six-shooter, and a U. S. Army issued set of field glasses in its case, probably all taken in a raid. This Apache Renegade has chosen to fight for his traditional way of life.