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23″H x 16″W x 9″D
Limited Edition of 30

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 The Northern plains were a harsh environment in the winter, when icy ground, blowing snow, and frigid winds made life extremely difficult.  The U.S. Army was always attempting to prevent the tribes from settling into their winter encampments, and used the arrival of the cold weather to push these native peoples out of the country under their jurisdiction. Here we see a Blackfoot scouting ahead of his villagers, for a trail across a high mountain pass where he will be able to safely lead his people away from the unrelenting soldiers to a remote and secret encampment.  He is caught in this devastatingly severe storm, and wraps himself in a buffalo robe, and wool blanket to withstand the frigid winds, while he keeps pushing on; knowing that freedom for his tribe lied, “Across the Divide”.