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Waltzing Across Texas


30″H x 17″W x 12″D
Limited Edition of 30

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People from the earliest times have been enthralled with the image of horse and rider seemingly in total sync with each other.  Paintings of ancient peoples on cave walls, stories of cowboys, knights in shining armor or Saturday matinee screen idols, riding like the wind on those wondrous steeds fill our minds with excitement and awe.  Whether jumping hurdles, winning races, staying on a rodeo bronc, or performing amazing feats in competitions of all kinds, we know it takes many years of training and practice for both horse and rider to achieve what looks to the observer as grace with ease.

All that speed, grace, success and beauty comes down to being in time with your horse.  It is just like dancing with a partner.  To dance gracefully together takes time and practice. My wife and I have trained each other for over 50 years to know the timing of the other partner.  When we sometimes get out of step with each other, then our feet get tangled and we almost fall down.  But when we are in tune with what the other partner wants, all goes beautifully.

I have created this sculpture of a cowboy and his horse doing a little ”war dance” while they are Waltzing Across Texas.